1.Working environment
Employees will enjoy a relaxed and pleasant working environment, healthy and positive work atmosphere, comfortable rest place and delicious working lunch. 
2.Cultivation of talents
The company strives to create a level playing field. To internal training, overseas training and staff training and other means to provide fair training opportunities, and put forward the "as long as willing to learn, will learn, to learn and obtain relevant skills and qualifications, will give relevant salary reward" slogan. As long as you are willing, the company will explore your potential from all aspects to realize your career. 
After the new employee is officially hired, the company will purchase five social insurance and one housing fund, probation period and compensation negotiable.
4.Good vision
As an innovative company with a strong cultural heritage of "happy work and happy life", a wide market and strong financial support provide you with an unlimited career platform. The company not only allows you to control your career direction, clear career goals, but also meet your own needs and life values. Every efforts, sweat every efforts to obtain success, every successful won praise, approval for sure, every time together lion new material technology co., LTD. It's also worth looking forward to you.